“Every day we meet people who are overwhelmed, cognitively loaded to breaking point or experience a sense of threat in the workplace. Learning how to be resilient isn’t just a benefit for the demands of work, it is an essential step towards regaining wellbeing and performing throughout life.”


Co-founder and CEO at Frontline Mind, the global training company that works with people in businesses of all sizes to develop resilience training, Mike Weeks believes that personal and organisational resilience are critical factors for success in business and education.


The training programs at Frontline Mind are created by modelling the world’s resilient elite. His hypothesis is that regardless of industry or skill, if you do not have the right mindset, you will fail.


Speaking at The World Gourmet Symposium on the 14th of November, Mike Weeks’ talk “You Can Overcook Your Food But Not Your People – Creating resilience and wellbeing in the kitchen and beyond”, will extoll the importance of industry reform through leadership and offer techniques to manage your stress under hot chronic conditions.


Mike Weeks brings to the forefront the very issue of sustainability within the food industry. Instead of sharing a communal meal with others, talking connecting and engaging with food, people are eating whilst face down in phones, missing real connections with each other.


Fired up about the future of the culinary world, he drills down on the fact that chefs work under intense conditions, long hours, stress and abuse in some cases, preparing food they’ll never eat, for customers they rarely see, for low appreciation and a drink/cigarette end of the shift. All too soon it becomes burn out without addressing the underlying causes.


With mental health spoken of more and more, he sees a simple paradigm shift around this – don’t overcook your food, don’t overcook your people. In this talk, listen to Mike’s recommendations on controlling and managing yourself, influencing others, levelling up as a leader and being able to inspire and lead others for optimized performance in the kitchen and beyond.

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