Rob Laing – CEO, Farm.One


Rob is the CEO and founder of Farm.One, a radical new kind of farm in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world. Started in New York in 2016, Farm.One is a vertical farm that grows rare and exotic produce indoors, year-round, pesticide-free, using hydroponics and LED lighting.

Over 40 of the best restaurants in New York grow their product to order at Farm.One, choosing from a library of over 600 varieties. The company adopts a number of sustainable practices including reusable packaging and extremely low water use, delivers everything via public transport, and has developed its own technology and software to run farms of the future, everywhere.

Rob is an experienced startup founder who is passionate about plant-based eating and using technology for clean, accessible food. He is the author of Ditch the Dirt, a home-growers guide to hydroponics and specialty produce.


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