Ivan Brehm – Chef & Owner, Nouri


Chef/ owner of Nouri, Ivan Brehm talks Crossroads Cooking.

Crossroads Cooking is a culinary practice which reveals the complex web of shared food histories that influence what we eat today, exploring the global story of human connection, taking diners on a journey through time and across all five continents.

Combining the intuitions of experienced chefs with the rigour of scholarly research, Ivan Brehm cooks with one hand in tradition and the other in innovation. Each dish is thoughtfully created by uniting the diversity of flavours and textures that connect seamlessly through the culinary crossover created by migration, by trade and by cross-cultural communication. Nouri’s cuisine is designed not just to identify a shared ancestry, but also to emphasise a sense of universality in food that can connect people from different cultural backgrounds.

Crossroads Cooking is proof that through our food we have always moved across borders and created connections throughout history. At Nouri, cultural similarities are highlighted over differences.

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