Look at the Ancient Eclipse and its Might!

Yggdrasil Gaming’s latest slot release, Ancient Eclipse, is inspired by one of the most impressive celestial sights a human eye can behold: a total solar eclipse. This slot, created by Bang Bang Games for the YG Masters program, has outstanding visuals, great audio, and a top payout that can exceed 4,500 times your initial wager.

Why Is an Eclipse So Unique?

The sun and moon were held in the highest esteem by ancient peoples all throughout the world until a few thousand years ago. By day, the sun warmed the land and illuminated the fields, while by night, the moon cast a dimmer light and controlled the tides of the world’s oceans.

Because of the significance of the sun and moon, witnessing an eclipse was a major thing. If the sun didn’t come out again, what would happen to the crops? Where would the tides be if the moon was permanently hidden?

Many prehistoric societies recognized the importance of maintaining cordial relationships with the solar and lunar systems as a means of mitigating against potentially disastrous events. People carved representations of them and paid sacrifices to them out of respect. And it must have succeeded, because the sun and moon are still around today despite the perils of eclipses.

The Structure of the Ancient Eclipse

Ancient Eclipse occurs against this previously mentioned historical backdrop. There are fifty fixed paylines available across five reels in this slot machine. The reels are hidden behind what looks like a temple made of grey stone; if you look hard, you can even make out a few spears.

Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades are used as low-value icons since they are the suits of a deck of playing cards. More valuable than the two old masks are three stone slabs with carvings of animals. Wilds are represented by the golden sun, and scatters by the multicolored Warrior.

As you spin the reels, atmospheric music plays, giving the game a uniquely Incan vibe.

Strange Eclipse Phenomenon

In addition to the regular icons, the moon is also a potential addition to the reels. They will leave behind a Sun Frame that will be there for subsequent rotations. The Wild Eclipse function is activated when a moon icon lands in a cell that is already home to a Sun Frame. If you’re having trouble hitting it big, this will turn all Sun Frame locations into wild symbols.

Free Games with the Sticky Sun Bonus

Sticky Sun Free Spins are triggered by landing a Warrior scatter symbol on reels two, three, and four. You’ll get 10 bonus turns as a result of this. If a Moon sign appears on the reels during this round, but not during a Wild Eclipse, you will receive an additional free spin for each Moon symbol.

Any Sun Frames that are formed during the free spins round will remain in place until the end of the game, regardless of whether or not a Wild Eclipse was triggered. All Sun Frames will remain in place in the base game until the next Wild Eclipse is triggered, even if you don’t earn a Wild Eclipse on the final free spin.

A Classic First-Ever Name

Yggdrasil’s Game Adaptation Tools & Interface (GATI) technology was used to develop Ancient Eclipse. This paves the way for YG Masters program producers to use already-verified software, speeding up the process by which games can be released in regulated markets.

According to Stuart McCarthy, Head of Partner Programs at Yggdrasil, “Our YG Masters program continues to drive innovative content to market,” and this is seen in Bang Bang Games’ momentous first title, Ancient Eclipse. We are forward to see what else our partner studios create with the help of GATI.

Band Bang Games’ CEO Frank McPolin stated of the release of Ancient Eclipse: “We are delighted to launch our first game as a YG Masters partner.” We couldn’t be happier, and we look forward to seeing it distributed via Yggdrasil’s partner network and making its way to players all over the world, thanks to its exciting theme, lucrative Free Spins feature, and beautifully built atmosphere.

Experience an Eternal Eclipse Right Now!

This unique take on the classic “ancient civilization” concept is beautifully executed in old Eclipse, Bang Bang Games’ first full-fledged release. Anyone may enjoy it for a long time, as it is playable on mobile devices and tablets in addition to high-end desktop computers.






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