Introducing The World Gourmet Symposium

A global platform to discuss, promote and celebrate the food, drink and hospitality industry

Led by chefs, creatives, sommeliers, food activists, business owners, and brands, the World Gourmet Symposium proudly presents thought leadership in food, drink and hospitality.

As part of the Western Australia Gourmet Escape program, the industry conference facilitates conversations amongst industry leaders who have a desire and influence to make positive change.

This intimate ‘by industry-for industry’ event has its sights set on ensuring that we strengthen, grow, and innovate by coming together to share and collaborate.

Great things happen when passionate and bright people come together. Even better with food and wine.

The World Gourmet Symposium is held alongside Western Australia Gourmet Escape presented by Westpac (8-17 Nov 2019), check out the full program of events here.

“I was blown away by my first visit to Gourmet Escape in 2012. The food, the people, and the landscape were all extraordinary. I can’t wait to head back, and see how the Gourmet Escape has evolved over the last several years. I’m sure it will be another incredible visit to Western Australia.” David Chang, Momofuku

Event Details


Thursday November 14, 2019


Registration opens at 8.00am with tea and coffee

Event 9.00am – 5.30pm

Who will attend

  • Chefs, Sommeliers
  • Venue owners
  • Food & Drink Trade
  • Thought-leaders and Change-makers
  • Technology companies
  • Brand managers, ambassadors
  • C-level executives in food, drink & hospitality
  • Commercial developers and investors
  • Food brands
  • Hospitality leaders
  • Managers and directors

What We're Talking About

  • The Origins – and the future of – Australian Cuisine
  • Clean Eating: a 2030 Vision
  • Let Us Eat; What we can learn from Nomadic Feasting
  • What will it take to ensure that we can eat, and eat well, into the future?
  • Changing global food culture
  • What’s on David Chang’s mind? In conversation…
  • What it takes to win The World Restaurant Awards (VIP only)

  • What data can tell you about your customer (and what they want to eat)
  • Late nights, hard work, hot kitchens & stress
  • Redefining leadership
  • Lessons learnt from growth experts in hospitality
  • How to survive the boom & stay true to yourself
  • Take a peek into the future as we’re joined by global leaders and innovators reimagining the future of dining.
  • how sustainability and mission driven models can support successful business.

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David Chang – Chef & MD, Momofuku
David Chang – Chef & MD, Momofuku

Coming to us with a diverse portfolio of food-business operations including media, publishing and as a restaurater and chef in his own right, David is the is the chef and founder of Momofuku and Momofuku group.

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Jock Zonfrillo – Chef & Founder, Orana Foundation
Jock Zonfrillo – Chef & Founder, Orana Foundation

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Selassie Atadika – Chef, UN Humanitarian
Selassie Atadika – Chef, UN Humanitarian

Chef-owner of Midunu. After more than a decade spent engaged in humanitarian work with the United Nations and years of self-teaching in the culinary arts, she completed coursework at The Culinary Institute of America.

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Mike Weeks – CEO, Frontline Mind
Mike Weeks – CEO, Frontline Mind

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